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Are you in the tourism sector? Have you got a post Covid-19 recovery plan?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

We're in a time of turmoil and incredible uncertainty. The world has never seen something like this before - at least not in our lifetime. Skies without planes, rooms without people and restaurants without the humming chatter of people socialising. What once was normal is no longer.

So the question is, how do we respond to it? How do we undersand the mindset of the post Covid-19 traveler and who can we do to encourage them to travel?

If you're in Africa, or Zambia in particular - let's remember, first thing is first - we're already an uncertain place to be. Overseas travellers hear of malaria, cholera and all those scary thoughts combined with the unknown is unbelieveably daughnting. So, its now more than ever that we need to show them that our response to Covid-19 is world class!

You need to thoughtfull and swiftly prepare your #CovidCrisis plan!

Here's some free for use tips we thought you might find useful:

1. Strenghten your brand and relationships: While people are sitting at home avoiding leaving their houses you need to stay connected with both past and future guests through your social and online channels - social, email and conversational content to keep them listening.

2. Ramp up Marketing and Reach: Right now, Josie in London is sitting at home cooped up in her apartment day dreaming about her next destination when she's released from her #CovidChaos. Now is the perfect time to show her your dream destination. Make sure you're front of mind always and on every channel be it organic or paid media. Also include details on your flexible cancellation policy - they like to know you're confident enough to have one.

3. Increase your marketing effors across the board: Continue focusing your marketing effort to the right target markets - now more than ever is the right time to segment your target market - remember we're speaking to entirely changed minds. We have to redefine how we speak to them and where we find them.

Did you know that according to a Survey of North American Leisure Travelers by Fuel Travel - over 45% of travelers have canceled their trips, 11% rescheduled and 59% still plan to travel in 2020. There is still hope out there, you've just got to find that 59%.

If you're looking for some assistance, feel free to get in touch - give Lauren a call or email on +260968359212 or

We'd be more than happy to assist where we can!

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