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10 Tips to Generate Interest Through Social Media

Hospitality companies compete in one of the world's most competitive markets - from Hot Air Balloon rides in the dessert to visiting Ice Hotels in Iceland! There is so much to do and so much to see - how do you compete?

1. Think like a customer - Where do they spend their time? We've been to FNB acacia park and looking around absolutely everyone is sitting scrolling through their Instagram or Facebook accounts. It's a fact of life now, instead of interacting with one another we choose tunnel vision and enjoy a leisurely social media update. Choose 3 tops social media applications that you can keep updated - this will give you exposure to over 90% of the market and ensure you don't get overlooked.

You can always ask us for help if managing social isn't something you have time for!

2. Join local groups on Facebook – Search for local groups in your area linked to people who are in your target market - "Events in Zambia" for example gives you the opportunity to reach out to people looking for events and if you've got one to market you are absolutely in the right place. - Don't do it too often, I am sure you've noticed people don't like spammy posts!

3. What about starting your own group? - Sometimes groups are closed off to you sharing your content either they're protecting their members or (this part actually isn't allowed) they're looking for payment prior to posting. Start your own group - if you have something everyone is looking for and you're sharing engaging content, you'll have new members in no time! Have a think about who you'd like to target and start off by adding a few friends!

4. Use #Hashtags - honestly it’s a thing! - Both Instagram & Twitter really rely on hashtags - it is a great opportunity to get your posts noticed. Use hashtags that people are searching for - think like a customer & try using localised tags such as #Lusaka / #Livingstone / #DiscoverZambia.

5. Use and tag influencers in the industry - a current outstanding travel influencer account is certainly @DiscoverZambia they have made a tremendous impact with their Instagram page - but they only share what is relevant, outstanding & eye catching. If you're launching a new menu tag a food critic, a beer festival - tag the official beer you're using the more you let people know you're there - the better!

6. Are you portraying the right image? – What we were saying before content is key! Imagery sells travel - not just what’s in the picture but how its taken, is the lighting nice, does it truly reflect your brand - if not & you're not entirely convinced don't use it. It is likely to create a negative feel towards your brand.

7. Boost your posts on Facebook – It is true, Facebook's change in algorithm has made it difficult to get your organic posts exposed to new customers, these days is reaching far less people. It isn't cool, but that is business - so, sometimes if you have a message that you want shared quickly or to a larger audience boosting a post does the job. If you haven't done this before - be aware there are several options and you need to know what you're wanting out of a paid boost.

8. Targeted advertising – It is incredible how targeted advertising works - Lauren our Director got engaged and every day she opened her newsfeed - floods of wedding dresses, cakes, decors filled her feed and now and then something to do with a friend came up. Targeting your audience really does help with getting you to the right people - for instance people whose birthdays are upcoming and offering them a discount at your restaurant would certainly grab their eyes!

9. SEM, Remarketing, PPC - Until recently, people heard these and a blank look would crawl across their faces, but in today's world these are common practices. Have you ever clicked on a promotion on Instagram - some beautiful trip to Italy for instance exploring the Alps - has a brief squiz through the website and left? Then following you through your browsing you see it pop up everywhere, tools like remarketing make this possible. It is absolutely scary how you're followed online using tools created by geniuses but it happens and we can help you to do it too!

10. Ask the experts – Many companies try to do this on their own, it is absolutely possible but it takes time, tactics, techniques which many companies don't have. This is where we come in - with many year experience & enough mistakes made in the past we might just know a thing or two to kick in that ROI you've been looking for!

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